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We know that as parents, your child’s health is the most important thing in the world. While you’re prepared for the fevers, colds, bruises, and bumps that come along with childhood, we also know that not all parents are prepared for certain serious and rare disorders and conditions. When your child has been diagnosed with PANS or PANDAS, or whether you suspect that your child might have one of these infection-triggering conditions, know that our integrative medical team at Coastal Integrative Medicine can provide you with answers, treatment options, and peace of mind you’re looking.

About Autoimmune Encephalitis

Our immune systems are responsible for keeping out foreign invaders such as germs, infections, and bacteria that make us sick. Unfortunately, sometimes these infections cause the immune system to go haywire. The result? The antibodies that the immune system produces attack, not just the infection and germs but also the healthy parts of the brain, causing inflammation (aka autoimmune encephalitis). For kids with PANS and PANDAS, the immune system attacks the basal ganglia, a region of the brain responsible for behaviors, feelings, movement, and thoughts.

About PANS AND PANDAS in Stuart, FL

Pediatric Acute-Onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcal infection (PANDAS) are two types of autoimmune conditions triggered by an infection. PANDAS is caused by a strep infection, while PANS can be caused by metabolic disturbances, infections, or even inflammatory reactions. Your child may suddenly, almost overnight, show intense and severe signs of anxiety, fear obsessions, and compulsions. They may develop certain tics, aggression, fears, jerky movements, or sensitivity to light and sound. They may also have issues with fine motor skills.

An Integrative Medicine Approach to PANS and PANDAS

Many children with these autoimmune conditions are often misdiagnosed with psychiatric disorders and prescribed psychotropic medications. As you might imagine, this does nothing to help the child’s symptoms because it’s not actually treating the underlying infection-triggered autoimmune response. We also understand that a proper diagnosis of PANS and PANDAS is paramount to providing your child with symptom relief. Once a diagnosis has been made, we can provide a wide range of conventional and alternative treatment option recommendations including supplementation and medications, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a therapeutic diet, ritual reversal strategies, breathing techniques, and more.

Not having answers to your child’s health problems can be scary. Our medical team at Coastal Integrative Medicine wants to provide you with the care, support, and answers you need. To schedule an evaluation for your child, call our Stuart, FL, practice today at (772) 344-1409.

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