What Is Integrative Medicine?

Medical care has advanced by leaps and bounds over the years and patients today now have access to more healthcare treatment options than ever before. As a result, many people are living longer and healthier lives. With integrative medicine, it’s possible to develop holistic approaches to healthcare that may be able to improve outcomes and quality of life. If you'd like to leverage integrative medicine and live near Stuart, FL, contact Coastal Integrative Medicine to speak with Dr. Lisa Rankin or Dr. Melissa Singer.

Curious about what goes into integrative medicine? We’ll dig into that topic below. Of course, if specific questions or concerns should arise, please feel free to get in touch.

The Basics of Integrative Medicine

Integrative medicine can be thought of as holistic medicine. An integrative medical practitioner will often step back to take a big picture look at health. While modern treatment methods, including prescription drugs and surgery, can be effective, alternative forms of treatment may also help.

Consider cannabis, for example. For many years, cannabis was treated only as a recreational drug. However, recent research has found that cannabis and substances derived from cannabis may be effective for treating many different conditions, including seizures, anxiety, pain, and more.

With integrative medicine, cannabis and other naturally occurring substances often play a big role. This doesn’t mean that prescription drugs or conventional treatments are being replaced. Often, integrative medicine focuses on supplementing conventional treatment.

Of course, cannabis is far from the only useful treatment that falls under the scope of integrative medicine. Herbal supplements, acupuncture, medication, and various other things can also play a crucial role. What’s important with integrative medicine is that it opens up treatment options to include things that fall outside of conventional medical treatment.

Many things could have a positive impact on health, including taking supplements and dietary adjustments. Exercise, yoga, and various other things could also provide relief for both physical and mental conditions. Ultimately, the goal of integrative medicine is to improve overall well-being, and that means developing holistic treatment plans.

If you live around Stuart, FL, visit Coastal Integrative Medicine to chat with Dr. Rankin or Dr. Singer

Integrated Prevention and Maintenance

Integrative medical treatment can be a crucial part of preventative treatment. There’s a common saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By preventing various health conditions, it’s often possible to increase overall well-being and to improve your quality of life.

Integrative medicine often emphasizes preventative medical care that can stop conditions from even developing. If a condition is already present, holistic maintenance care may stop it from getting worse. If you live near Stuart, FL, dial (772) 344-1409 to reach Coastal Integrative Medicine and chat with Dr. Rankin or Dr. Singer.

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