Signs Of Autism

Be able to spot the signs and symptoms of autism spectrum disorder in your child.

We understand that for parents, nothing is more important than being able to recognize those early warning signs of autism spectrum disorder so that they can turn to our integrative medical team here in Stuart, FL, for an evaluation. While there are many warning signs of autism, and they do vary from child to child, here are the three most signs,

Communication and Interaction Issues 

Children with autism have many issues with communication, socializing and interacting with others. You may notice some of these issues at an early age. If you do, know that our Stuart, FL, team can evaluate a child for autism spectrum disorder as early as two years old (even though a parent may spot behaviors in a child as early as 18 months old). Common communication issues include,

  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Not responding to their name (this should happen around nine months old)
  • Doesn’t play interactive games
  • Do not interact with or notice other children
  • Does not react to other people’s emotions such as sadness, anger or happiness
  • Prefers to play alone

Delayed Milestones 

Apart from the significant milestones such as standing up and walking, your child will also hit smaller milestones such as making facial expressions, smiling and babbling; however, children with ASD often have delayed milestones. This might look like this,

  • Your child doesn’t point to objects of interest
  • Your child doesn’t smile (by six months old)
  • Your child doesn’t make facial expressions (by nine months old)
  • Doesn’t speak by 16 months old
  • Doesn’t coo or babble by 12 months

Repetitive Behaviors 

Children with autism spectrum disorder may have unusual and sometimes obsessive interests. Other signs of ASD in children may look like,

  • Repeating the same words or phrases
  • Gets upset when the order of their toys or how they are lined up changes
  • Is easily upset by even small changes
  • Have almost obsessive routines even when it comes to how they play
  • Rocking their body, flapping hands or spinning

If you are concerned about autism or your child's behaviors, our Stuart, FL, team is here to help. Call Coastal Integrative Medicine at (772) 344-1409 to schedule a consultation.

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