How Neurodevelopmental Disorders Can Affect Your Child

Would you like to find out why your child has behavioral issues or get help for autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disabilities, conduct disorders or other neurodevelopmental disorders? The Stuart, FL, doctors at Coastal Integrative Medicine, Dr. Melissa Singer, and Dr. Lisa Rankin, can help your child get a diagnosis or cope with the symptoms of his or her disorder.

How neurodevelopmental disorders can affect your child

Neurodevelopmental disorders affect the development of your child's brain and can create problems with behavior, learning, emotions, language or relationships. In many cases, parents notice the symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders in early childhood. Sometimes, these disorders aren't diagnosed until a child is in school. Neurodevelopmental disorders may make it hard for your child to do well at school, communicate effectively with other people or make friends.

What are the signs of neurodevelopmental disorders?

Signs and symptoms of neurodevelopmental disorders vary depending on the type but can include:

  • Difficulty sitting still
  • Trouble focusing or concentrating
  • Language delays
  • Poor eye contact
  • Problems following instructions
  • Behavior problems and mood swings
  • Poor planning and organizational skills
  • Difficulty with writing, reading or math
  • Memory issues
  • Motor skill problems that could affect hand-eye coordination and make it difficult to catch a ball or use a pencil
  • Speech delays or problems

Finding help for neurodevelopmental disorders

The doctors at Coastal Integrative Medicine in Stuart, FL, have a wealth of knowledge about neurodevelopmental disorders. In addition to offering evaluations for neurodevelopmental disorders, they'll explain the ways your child's diagnosis affects him or her and provide tips and strategies that will help your son or daughter and your family cope with the diagnosis.

The doctors can also make referrals to specialists and therapists who offer specialized types of therapy. If speech is an issue, your child may benefit from a referral to a speech therapist. Children with poor motor skills can often benefit from sessions with an occupational therapist. Cognitive-behavioral therapy could make it easier for your child to control impulsive urges or find more appropriate ways to manage his or her emotions. If your son or daughter has trouble making or keeping friends, participating in social skills groups could be helpful.

Do you need help managing your child's neurodevelopmental disorders? Make an appointment with Dr. Rankin or Dr. Singer of Coastal Integrative Medicine in Stuart, FL, by texting or faxing (772) 344-1409.

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