Managing Chronic Disease With Integrative Medical Care

At Coastal Integrative Medicine, Dr. Melissa Singer and Dr. Lisa Rankin offer a unique form of medicine known as integrative medical care. They give Stuart, FL, and the surrounding area access to a treatment approach that combines western and allopathic medical techniques to give patients the best of both worlds when it comes to managing their chronic illnesses.

General Information

If you live in Stuart, FL, or the surrounding area and suffer from a chronic condition, you may benefit from integrative medical care. Some of the more common conditions we treat at our practice include fibromyalgia, cancer, anxiety, chronic fatigue, diabetes, and arthritis, to name some examples. 

Specific Treatments

Specifically, integrative medical care includes being given standard treatments for your particular condition. This is the part of the care that focuses on western medicine. That may be the surgery you need to repair a damaged hip from arthritis or the insulin injections you require for diabetes. 

In addition, our practitioner will recommend natural pain relief methods to help with your pain if you have arthritis. Our care may consist of physical activity to help manage your weight if you're a diabetic. 

Why This Approach Is Unique

For one, we're taking a multifaceted approach to healthcare. Therefore, you're working on making lifestyle changes while the treatment is working to help you. Ultimately, this can improve your quality of life immensely. For example, if you're seeing a practitioner and receiving chemo, a practitioner from our practice can help ease your nausea without the use of medication. 

Truly, this branch of medicine is highly customized to the patient. It's about treating you as a person and addressing a problem from multiple angles to promote the best outcome. 

In addition to better managing your condition, taking this approach to your healthcare can improve your quality of life since it's tackling the side effects of treatments or better managing your symptoms rather than just masking them. 

With integrative medicine, you build a stronger connection with your practitioner than you would if you were to see only a specialist or primary care physician. That's because it's based on your unique needs, and that requires you to explain your situation well and the practitioner to listen carefully. 

With integrative medical care from Coastal Integrative Medicine in Stuart, FL, Dr. Singer, and Dr. Rankin can help you better manage your chronic health conditions. The treatments address the problem in various ways and may help you better manage side effects from your treatment or ease your discomfort in general. With this form of treatment, you don't have to choose between western and holistic practices.

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