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Diagnosing Your Child With Autism

Many children are diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or with autism for short, each year. It can be caused by several different factors. Our medical team at Coastal Integrative Medicine treats autism in Stuart, FL with our doctors, Dr. Melissa Singer and Dr. Lisa Rankin.

What Are the Early Signs of ASD?

Some children may be diagnosed with autism at the age of 2. Early signs of this disorder include not making eye contact with others and having very little interest in other children or caretakers. They may have limited language in comparison to other children their age and can get upset by very minor changes in their routines.

Fortunately, pediatricians are now screening children from a young age for autism. In the past years, some children were undiagnosed until they were young adults and they didn't get the care they needed. The goal is to diagnose children as early as possible to give them all the tools they will need to be successful.

What is Developmental Monitoring?

Developmental monitoring is an observation of how your child is growing and developing and at what rate this occurs. Children should reach certain milestones in all aspects of their lives including movement, behavior, speech, learning, and playing as well. It's basically a checklist that you and other healthcare individuals will check for how your child is doing. It can be done by a doctor, a school nurse, or a teacher.

What is Developmental Screening?

Developmental screening is a sort of test to see how your child is reaching his or her achievements over time. This is done if you have a concern and have had developmental monitoring done. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends screening for children at their regular well-child checkups at the ages of 9 months, 18 months, 30 months and screening for autism in Stuart, FL at 18 months and 30 months. To be diagnosed with autism, a child must have a deficit in three areas of interaction and social communication and have two of four areas of restrictive or repetitive behavior patterns. If you notice that your child has repetitive behavior patterns or is socially awkward and aloof to other children and caregivers, you may want to start the screening process for autism.

Trust the Autism Experts

Dr. Singer and Dr. Rankin are highly experienced at diagnosing autism in Stuart, FL for your children. We can help you to get a diagnosis and treatment for your ASD child of any age. Call us at Coastal Integrative Medicine at 772-344-1409 for a helping hand with autism today.

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