What Brain Mat Home Therapy Can do for You

Does your child struggle with balance, coordination, attention, or focus issues? Brain Mat home therapy offered by Dr. Lisa Rankin and Dr. Melissa Singer of Coastal Integrative Medicine in Stuart and Jupiter, FL, may help your son or daughter improve these skills.

What is Brain Mat home therapy?

Brain Mat home therapy provides a simple way to help children with special needs, neurodegenerative disorders, or brain injuries. Created and trademarked by Coastal Integrative Medicine's Dr. Rankin, the system consists of a mat with colorful shapes that your child uses when exercising. Balls and other devices are also used during exercise sessions.

A parent of an autistic child herself, Dr. Rankin has a special interest in helping children maximize their potential. Brain Mat home therapy is designed to improve:

  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Motor planning and timing
  • Sensory integration
  • Eye-tracking
  • Vestibular function
  • Balance and coordination
  • Auditory processing

Children visit the Stuart or Jupiter, FL, office before beginning Brain Mat home therapy and receive an exam designed to identify their particular challenges. Your child's exercise therapy program is created based on the results of the assessment.

Exercises are supervised by the parents at home. If there are any questions about technique, the Brain Mat website offers demonstrations. Parents can also send videos of their children performing the exercises to the office if they have any concerns about form or technique. Remote or in-office follow-up visits are used to assess your child's progress and make changes to the program if needed.

What benefits does Brain Mat home therapy offer?

Exercising has a surprising effect on the brain. Regular exercise may help spur the production of a substance necessary for brain cell growth and help create new neurons that send messages to the various parts of the brain. Exercise may also increase the size of the hippocampus, the part of the brain responsible for memory and learning. Participating in Brain Mat therapy can help your children improve memory and executive function, the ability to plan, focus and manage time appropriately, as well as improve balance, coordination, and impulsiveness.

Unfortunately, running around the playground may not be the type of exercise your child needs to improve brain function. Brain Mat home therapy includes exercises specifically designed to help your child improve the challenging issues that affect his or her life.

Are you interested in learning if Brain Mat home therapy from Coastal Integrative Medicine can help your child? Call (772) 344-1409 to schedule an appointment at the Stuart and Jupiter, FL, offices of Dr. Rankin and Dr. Singer.

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