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Sports Physicals FAQs

Many organizations and schools require kids to get a physical before participating in sports or other activities. A school or sports physical helps ensure children and teens are healthy enough to safely participate. In Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, school and sports physicals are available at Coastal Integrative Medicine, where our skilled physicians, Dr. Lisa Rankin and Dr. Melissa Singer, can help prepare your child to safely participate in sports.

Why are Sports Physicals Important?

There are several reasons why sports physicals are important. Getting a physical in advance promotes safe participation in athletic activities. A physical helps verify that kids are in good health prior to participating. If potential concerns come up during the physical, the doctor can develop a treatment plan to help kids safely play sports, such as prescribing a portable inhaler for a child with asthma. A sports physical also provides an opportunity to ensure kids are up to date with their vaccinations.

Can A Sports Physical Help with Injury Prevention?

In addition to ensuring kids are in good physical health, sports physicals can also help with injury prevention. The doctor can review injury risks associated with the particular sport or activity your child will be playing and discuss precautionary measures that can be taken, such as wearing a mouthguard or other types of protective equipment.

What Does a Sports Physical Involve?

At our medical offices in Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, school and sports physicals involve two components, a medical history review and a physical examination. The medical history review includes a look at the patient’s individual medical records, as well as family medical history. Looking at the family medical history helps identify specific conditions for which there could be a genetic predisposition, such as diabetes or arrhythmia.

Several areas are assessed during the physical examination portion of a school or sports physical, including:

  • Blood pressure
  • Height and weight
  • Heart rate or pulse
  • Lungs and breathing
  • Ears, nose, and throat
  • Reflexes and posture
  • Muscles and joints
  • Vision

Sports physicals are important for ensuring kids can safely play the sports they love. For school and sports physicals in Stuart, FL, schedule an appointment with Dr. Rankin by calling Coastal Integrative Medicine at (772) 232-7126. Sports physicals are also offered at our Jupiter location, where Dr. Singer can help ensure your child is ready to safely participate.

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