Signs That Your Child May Have ADHD

Would you recognize the warning signs of childhood ADHD? 

All kids will fidget, blurt out answers, have trouble sitting still, and daydream from time to time, however, when these behaviors become the norm and interfere with your child’s life you may be wondering if they have ADHD. If so, your Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, primary care physician Dr. Lisa Rankin, and pediatric hematologist-oncologist Dr. Melissa Singer, can provide the appropriate screenings for your child or teen.

When is ADHD Diagnosed 

Most parents don’t realize that their child is displaying behaviors indicative of ADHD until they begin school. While some kids can be diagnosed as early as four, it can often be challenging to determine if their impulsivity is simply due to being a young child or whether they have ADHD. That’s why the typical ADHD diagnosis happens around the age of 7, which gives parents and teachers a chance to recognize that the child’s behaviors are disruptive and impacting their social and academic lives.

The Signs and Symptoms of ADHD 

The three overarching symptoms associated with ADHD are inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. Children do not need to display all three of these symptoms to be diagnosed. Symptoms vary from child to child. Some children may be inattentive and impulsive but may not display behaviors of hyperactivity. Let’s break down the three main symptoms further to get a better understanding.


  • Often daydreaming
  • Often losing or misplacing items
  • Doesn’t listen to instructions
  • Makes careless mistakes
  • Trouble focusing
  • Difficulty completing tasks
  • Often jumping from one task to the next

Hyperactivity and Impulsivity 

  • Squirming, fidgeting, and trouble sitting still
  • Has trouble playing quietly
  • Has to constantly be moving
  • Talks out of turn
  • Has trouble waiting their turn in line
  • Interrupts conservations
  • Blurts out answers without waiting to be called on
  • Always “on the go”

What is Required for a Diagnosis 

The screening process for ADHD is rather extensive since there isn’t a single test used to make a diagnosis. Our Stuart, FL, medical team needs to gather information about your child’s behaviors from several people like babysitters and teachers, as well as your account as their parents. To be able to diagnose a child with ADHD they must:

  • Display at least six symptoms of ADHD
  • Have had these symptoms for at least six months
  • Experience impairment or challenges in two or more settings due to their symptoms (e.g. home; school; work; social).

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s ADHD, or if your child is displaying the symptoms of ADHD, then it’s time to turn to your Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, medical team for answers. Call Coastal Integrative Medicine today at 772-232-7126.

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