The Importance of Integrative Medical Care

Learn more about integrative medicine and how it could promote better health and wellbeing.

Nothing is more important than maintaining optimal health, but you may be dealing with serious chronic health problems. If you are interested in the approach that your Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, primary care physician Dr. Lisa Rankin and pediatric hematologist-oncologist Dr. Melissa Singer take with regards to integrative medical care, or you haven’t found the results you want from a traditional doctor, here’s how integrative medicine may be able to help:

What makes integrative medical care different from traditional medicine? 

A regular doctor often focuses on the symptoms you are experiencing. They are focused on the disease and how to manage symptoms while an integrative medicine doctor is focused more on healing that supports not just the body but also the mind and spirit.

We work to restore equilibrium within the body through integrative treatment options and a blend of both traditional and complementary therapies aimed at restoring your health and wellbeing. We provide a comprehensive and personalized approach to medical care that many patients don’t often get with their primary care physicians.

What are the benefits of integrative medical care? 

There are many benefits to turning to our Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, team for integrative medical care. Some of the top reasons people turn to us include:

  • We are focused on preventing diseases and supporting optimal health rather than waiting until diseases and infections set in to provide you with care and treatment
  • We make our patients an active part of their treatment process, listening to their needs, educating them, and helping them make better and more informed decisions regarding the care they receive
  • We offer an all-encompassing approach to care that focuses on providing the most cost-effective and non-invasive options
  • Each treatment plan we create is customized to fit your needs based on your medical history, lifestyle, age, health status, and even relationships, and we will recommend a wide range of traditional medical care along with alternative options such as yoga, acupuncture, and essential oil application
  • We often perform more comprehensive screenings and diagnostic tests and look for certain conditions such as Lyme disease, molds, parasites, SIBO, and yeast overgrowth that may be overlooked by conventional doctors

If you are interested in the integrative medical care we offer patients of all ages in Jupiter, and Stuart, FL, then call Coastal Integrative Medicine today at 772-232-7126 to schedule a consultation.

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