Why You Should Consider Integrative Medical Care

Conventional care, when it comes to medicine, can feel at times limited in what it can offer. By its nature, traditional medicine focuses only on the immediate issues and treats them as they arise. But integrative medical care avoids focusing only on the individual symptoms alone but the body as a whole, opting instead for a more holistic approach, you can learn more about what that means for you by reading below and by reaching out to Dr. Melissa Singer and Dr. Lisa Rankin of Coastal Integrative Medicine in Stuart, FL.

Holistic Approach

An often used term but seldom explained, a holistic approach to medicine, when it comes to integrative medicine, refers to providing care that encompasses your entire well-being, not just the physical but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.

This is accomplished by turning to alternative treatments which are often overlooked and rarely offered within traditional medicine. But this is done always in conjunction with conventional medical care.

Notably, an added benefit of many of these alternative therapies is that they pose a lesser risk for unwanted side effects.


Because treatment is not limited simply to your symptoms you can expect a more personalized approach with a focus on empowering you over your healthcare through preventive care.

Prevention is an important emphasis of integrative medical care, giving you the tools to avoid future complications and reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions.

These tools for prevention can involve promoting stress management, providing regular preventive care, and helping you make important lifestyle changes regarding your nutrition and staying active, among other important aspects.

Integrative Medical Care in Stuart, FL

If you're interested in exploring the many benefits of integrative medical care and live in or near the area of Stuart, FL, you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Singer and Dr. Rankin of Coastal Integrative Medicine by Office Direct Messaging: 1-877-565-6293.

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