What’s the Difference Between CBD and Medical Cannabis?

Our team at Coastal Integrative Medicine is headed up by Dr. Lisa Rankin and Dr. Melissa Singer, two experts who understand care options like medical cannabis and CBD in Stuart, FL, and who will do what they can to help you. If you’ve heard of cannabis and CBD and assume they’re the same thing, it’s important to know the differences in these care options. Doing so can ensure you get the support necessary to make a smart, informed care decision.

CBD Has No THC In It

CBD oil is drawn from the cannabis plant, where medical-grade cannabis originates. The biggest difference between CBD and cannabis is that CBD removes all other chemicals, including the THC that causes the “high” caused by cannabis consumption. As a result, you simply have an intense feeling of calm that can help with many issues.

For instance, many people use CBD for anxiety and depression because it calms their mood without causing a high that may intensify their symptoms. Furthermore, CBD also has pain-management benefits, making it great for many people. However, medical-grade cannabis is still a commonly used care option for various reasons.

Cannabis Has THC and CBD

As you might imagine, medical cannabis in Stuart, FL, does contain the THC that causes the high feeling triggered by general cannabis consumption. However, at Coastal Integrative Medicine, know how to use that feeling to your advantage. Dr. Rankin and Dr. Singer understand that this “high’ releases pleasurable endorphins that can help with pain and anxiety. 

As a result, it’s important to carefully choose when deciding what care option you want to try. CBD is typically best for people with no experience with cannabis or anyone who doesn’t want to be high after taking this oil. It will provide a mellower feeling that works best for mild problems, including many types of chronic or acute pain in the body.

By contrast, cannabis can provide a more intensive level of relief, depending on your condition. It’s designed to provide benefits that reduce your pain, anxiety, and other long-term health issues. That makes it a good choice for many people, particularly those who don’t react to CBD well.

Making a Smart Choice

At Coastal Integrative Medicine, Dr. Rankin and Dr. Singer can help you choose between CBD and medical cannabis in Stuart, FL, and ensure that you make a smart care choice. It’s our goal to ensure that our patients fully understand their care options and feel comfortable with picking one that makes sense for them. Call us at 772 344-1409 to learn more about the therapeutic options available to you, and we’ll do what we can to ensure comfort. 

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