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The Brain Mat was developed and Trademarked by Dr. Lisa Rankin, a physician who works with special needs children  providing evaluation, diagnosis as well as therapeutic interventions.  In order to make therapy available to those without insurance or in areas where services are limited she designed a system that is simple, effective, inexpensive. It can be monitored by parents in the home and addresses the major areas of concern including  Motor Planning and Timing, Focus and Concentration, Eye Tracking, Sensory Integration, Auditory Processing, Vestibular Function and Balance and Coordination. These issues are also seen in neurodegenerative disorders as well as Traumatic Brain Injury so the Brain Mat is also appropriate for patients with these disorders.

Parents can use this as a stand alone therapy or combine with other current interventions. The Brain Mat comes with a detailed regimen that describes which exercise to do as well as the number or reps and frequency. If a particular exercise is beyond a child’s skills it will be modified and the same applies to a skill already mastered. Parents can reference the the Brain Mat website if they need a demonstration of a particular task. They can also send video of their child performing a given task if they are not sure if it is being done correctly.  As a skill is mastered the regimen is updated to become more challenging. Users who have registered with the site will receive regular updates when new exercises are developed and when add on equipment becomes available for purchase.



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