Nurse’s Station

Nurses Station

Prescription Refills:

For our patients’ safety, prescription refills may be requested only by a pharmacy. Patients should call their pharmacy to request the refill, and the pharmacy will FAX us a refill request. If you feel you need a new prescription or change to an existing prescription you will need to be seen in the office. Allow 24 to 48 hours for the prescription to be approved and filled.

Referral Services:

We encourage you to be aware of your insurance policy. If you have an HMO that requires  written referrals, we remind you that ALL non-emergent referrals take 5-7 business days to process.  Dr. Rankin will not authorize any referral without previous evaluation in regards to the complaint. Please do not call and request, “phone referrals.”

Antibiotic Policy:

It can be very difficult to recognize and treat illness over the telephone, and the best attention can be given to thosemaking an appointment to see a provider in person. Open access scheduling allows for personal diagnosis and discussion,which helps guide appropriate treatment. Please understand that Dr. Rankin can only supply a new prescription for antibiotics after you have been seen in the office.

Form Completion Policy:

All paper forms that require a physician to complete (school physicals, disability forms, insurance forms, travel forms, etc.) shouldbe submitted at the time of service. Any form submitted should be given FIVE business days for completion. Please note there is a charge for certain forms.  See Patient form tab.

Email Policy

Email is a convenient and efficient way to communicate non-urgent questions, requests, and messages you may have for Dr. Rankin. Patients need to understand that the confidentiality of email exchanges cannot be guaranteed. While the security of email is still comparable to other forms of communication,there are some special conditions that apply to email:

What types of communication are appropriate for standard email?

  • Prescription refill requests
  • Appointment scheduling concerns or questions
  • Non-urgent medical advice or follow-up (including some types of test results) – for example, clarification of treatment plan or self-reporting of blood pressure
  • Billing/insurance questions

Lab and Diagnostic Results Policy

We DO NOT routinely  call in regards to lab results, unless there  is a problem that may need to be discussed. We appreciate your concern regarding the results of your tests, but  ask that you assist us in limiting calls to the office  by e-mailing your requests or ensuring that you have a scheduled appointment to review the results with the  doctor.

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