Integrative Medicine Consult

Integrative Medicine Consult

Integrative Medicine implies combining the best practices of Conventional Medicine with the best of Alternative/Complementary Medicine. Some interventions, that may have been considered alternative in the past, are now recognized by most as effective treatments. These includes nutritional interventions, supplements, homeopathy, essential oils and more. Although these practices have been used effectively for thousands of years they have been overlooked by many in lieu of more high tech treatments. As we learn the limits of modern medicine as it relates to many of the lifestyle diseases seen in modern society more people are looking to return to a more holistic way of approaching health and wellness for patients of all ages.

An Integrative Medicine Consult involves detailed discussion of past and current medical history/ concerns in addition to online questionnaires. Review of prior lab testing is done and additional labs as needed are ordered. After the initial evaluation is complete recommendations as they relate to Nutrition, Supplements, Essential Oils, Exercise and other therapies will be made. Current conventional medicine interventions, including prescription medications will be taken into account even if not originally prescribed by Dr. Rankin. Just like with any Medical plan follow ups and assessment of progress will be made and adjustments to plan will be made based on response to intervention. Integrative practices are appropriate for patients of all ages, gender and health status including children, pregnant women and geriatric patients. As the name implies more traditional Medical interventions are part of an Integrative Plan which means a properly educated Medical Doctor is best suited to provide the most comprehensive care. Having an undergraduate degree in Nutrition, as Dr. Rankin does, provides an additional level of insight and understanding.

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