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Coastal Integrative Medicine Weight Loss Program

Are you struggling to lose weight despite multiple attempts over several years? Are you wanting to lose weight but have not made any real effort because you have no idea to where to begin? Do you know what to do but can’t seem to get past your constant hunger? Do you have medical problems that you feel are interfering with your success? If any of these apply to you Dr. Rankin is able to help you. As a Medical Doctor with an Undergraduate degree in nutrition, years of successfully helping patients to lose weight as well as a lifetime commitment to healthy eating and exercise she has knowledge and desire to help her patients reach their weight loss goals and just as importantly recognize the importance of healthy eating as it relates to all facets of their life.

Medically guided weight loss Stuart, FLIn order to best determine that type of plan that will be the most effective Dr Rankin has patients fill out a comprehensive online questionnaire to be reviewed prior to the first visit in addition to any lab work that has recently been completed. This information is used as a starting point for discussion of prior interventions, perceived roadblocks to success, current regimen and well as short term and long term goals. Additional labs will be ordered prior to starting and these results will be used in combination with the other information to create a regimen specific to each patient. This will include a supplement regimen as well as recommendations for physical activity. Essential oils are often used to help with appetite control and to boost metabolism. Some patients, due to medical issues, medications or long history of yo-yo dieting and/or high carb diets may struggle with constant hunger and these patients may benefit from a trial of appetite suppressant medication. An EKG and Medical Evaluation is necessary to confirm appropriateness of this intervention. All patients will have regular follow up visits to provide accountability, support, encouragement and to ensure patients reach their weight loss goals in a manner that is sustainable throughout their lifetime. Dr Rankin’s approach is less a diet and more a nutritional makeover.

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