Common Signs of Autism

How your integrated medicine doctors in Stuart, FL, can help with autism

Diagnosing autism can be complicated, because many of the signs and symptoms are common among children. Fortunately, your integrated medicine doctor can tell the difference, and can help you and your family cope with the needs of an autistic child.

Dr. Melissa Singer and Dr. Lisa Rankin at Coastal Integrated Medicine in Stuart, FL, provide a wide range of medical services, including treatment of autism.

So, what are the common signs of autism? According to the National Autism Association, common signs of autism include:

  • Not responding when his or her name is called
  • Not showing any interest in objects or things
  • Avoiding eye contact with others
  • Being unable to understand his or her own feelings
  • Being unable to understand the feelings of other people
  • Being unable to speak or is delayed in speaking
  • Repeating the same words or phrases
  • Not doing well with changes in his or her routine
  • Performing repetitive actions like hand clapping, spinning or rocking
  • Having problems socializing or talking with other children
  • Avoiding physical contact with other children or adults

The signs of autism can vary from mild to severe in both adults and children. To complicate matters, children can appear completely normal up to age 2, and then not achieve any developmental milestones as they get older.

Autism is diagnosed through a screening process that identifies whether a child is on the autism spectrum. If you suspect your child has autism, the screening should be done when your child is 18 months old, and then repeated again when your child is 24 months old.

Autism can cause disruption in your child’s life, your family’s interactions, and in your life too. Your integrated medicine doctor can diagnose and treat autism, so your child can live a successful, happy life.

To learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment of autism, talk with the experts. Contact Dr. Melissa Singer and Dr. Lisa Rankin of Coastal Integrated Medicine in Stuart, FL, at (772) 344-1409. Call today.

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