Medically Guided Weight Loss

Each day we see television ads for weight loss programs that claim to offer great results for very little work. We recognize that this isn’t the full story. Healthy living is a journey, not an easy or temporary destination. These commercials don’t address healthy living, nor do they offer plans that are individualized or effective in terms of lasting results.

Perhaps you’ve tried diets recommended by family members or friends and you’ve been discouraged because you didn’t have the same outcome. Maybe you’ve joined a weight loss group or a gym and you put in the effort without seeing the results.

What is Medically Guided Weight Loss?

Medically guided weight loss involves more than dieting; it’s specialized medical care focused on helping patients to lose weight safely with methods determined through clinical research and supervised by medical professionals. The programs may vary in their structure, length, or intensity and may include supplements or essential oils.

What’s the Difference between Medically Guided Weight Loss and Crash Diets?

Medically guided weight loss differs from crash diets or at-home diets. One difficulty that patients encounter when choosing their own diets is that they can suffer from nutritional deficiencies when eliminating certain foods or food groups, and at the same time go without experiencing any true, sustained weight loss. While it may be necessary to eliminate foods based upon allergies or the lack of nutritional value, Dr. Rankin is able to guide you toward meal plans that will satisfy your hunger while nourishing your body.

In addition to addressing nutrition and healthy eating, physical activity is another key element of weight loss. Physical activity is important for the body and the mind. Dr. Rankin will work with you to determine the best forms of physical activity.

Crash diets focus on fast, but temporary weight loss by any means necessary. Starving yourself or drinking concoctions that claim to cleanse your body will not lead to satisfying, healthy, or lasting results. Diet pills and very low-calorie diets can be very dangerous on the body, leading to side effects ranging from nausea, diarrhea, and fatigue to gallstones and even heart disease.

Dr. Rankin will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the best overall plan to address your specific needs. This includes considering conditions that may be contributing to your current weight loss struggles. By taking a comprehensive view of your individual situation, Dr. Rankin will be able to assess the right course of action that is medically suited to help you reach your weight loss goals. Following the weight loss guidance provided by Dr. Rankin and making healthy life choices may not render immediate, drastic results but you can reach your weight loss goals and build a stronger, more nourished body.

Medically Guided Weight Loss in Stuart, FL

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