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    At Coastal Integrative Medicine, we offer a revolutionary new form of convenient treatment: virtual care.

    Virtual care utilizes modern technology to remotely diagnose your symptoms and to offer treatment plans according to your specific condition.

    By providing this convenient option to our patients, we’re able to reduce travel time, address challenges with pain associated with movement or long car rides, and offer alternatives to scheduling issues that otherwise might be a problem.

    Benefits of virtual care include:

    • Extending our reach to our patients to reduce travel times and/or for convenience
    • Increase the number of patients we can see and treat per day
    • Increase patient-doctor visit frequency
    • Increase ability to diagnose and treat home-bound patients
    • Eliminate potential of transmission of infectious diseases
    • Among others


    Schedule an Appointment

    Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, please text us at 772-344-1409 or complete the form below to request an appointment.

    COVID-19 Update

    For 15 years, we’ve offered convenient telemedicine appointments for our patients. To request a telemedicine appointment, please text us at 772-344-1409.